Life Long Learning and EXAMS!

It’s that time of the year when my phone rings a little more frequently than normal. I’m not complaining. This is a good thing for us ASP Tutors. However, we do think it’s pertinent to perhaps highlight a couple of best practice principles to consider for success in academics.

Let me reiterate that it is never too late to get stuck into or to try and master a subject or topic. While consistent learning through the year is always preferable, much can be gained from a few last minute extra lessons with an experienced tutor.

Some learners only realize when they start studying that they don’t understand a particular concept. Even at that stage, it’s not too late to call us for short term, immediate assistance.

Often we can make a plan to help during the exam period itself as senior learners have freer, more flexible schedules and on days that they are not writing an exam they can comfortably fit in an extra lesson or two. This especially aids those who are reasonably capable, but due to other school demands have not mastered parts of the syllabus yet.

So, last minute lessons can be very useful however their effectiveness for long term academic prowess is limited.

If real academic difference is required, this is usually best achieved by developing learning skills; the academic tools required to reflect understanding and mastery of the work. Systematic support that allows learners time and opportunity without the pressure of looming exams is most conducive to integrating new and refining study habits. Working under pressure for improved exam results is not ideal although sometimes a reality in this crazy, busy world.

We suggest that you try and plan ahead. If there are signs that a topic or subject is insufficiently mastered then consider building into the term a weekly extra lesson to develop a better understanding of said concept and also to integratethe necessary skills.Sometimes a learner simply needs one-on-one sessions that are geared to his or her specific needs.

When the stress of exams is finally over, be sure to make the most of the December holiday. This is a time to rest and refresh, a time to be a free spirit. There is much value in doing nothing and having unstructured time to rediscover what you really enjoy.

I am hopeful that my phone will ring more frequently in the non-exam first term of 2017 so that we can help you to consolidate your academics outside of the frenzy of exam season.

Good luck everyone!

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