REVISION SCHOOL:  24 – 27 JUNE & 23 – 26 SEPT

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ASP Tutoring provides extra lessons and learning support which is supplementary to the school curriculum. We offer mostly one-on-one support lessons. Our tutors are very experienced teachers who are familiar with the curriculum requirements of the various schools. Our learners range from those who are trying to maximise their academic results for university applications to those who are trying to master and pass their core subjects. We strive to assist learners in ways that suit them individually. Our tutors will set aside your weekly lesson slot so that you are guaranteed regular support in whatever subject or area of school work you require.

Support is also provided for learners who require assistance in working through their homework. This is particularly pertinent for learners in grades 1 to grades 5, where adult facilitation of homework is still necessary. In cases where parents aren’t able to facilitate homework our tutors can be called upon to fulfil this function.

Notice Board

  • Dates for Revision School 2018

    2018 grade 11’s and 12’s should set aside the dates of our 2018 Revision School now so that they are able to benefit from Revision School 2018:   Save the dates:  Monday, 25th to Thursday, 28th June....
  • Dates for Revision School 2017

    2017 grade 11’s and 12’s should set aside the dates of our 2017 Revision School now so that they are able to benefit from Revision School 2017:   Save the dates:  Monday, 26th to Thursday, 29th June....
  • Revision School 2016

    2016 grade 11’s and 12’s should set aside the dates of our 2016 Revision School now so that they are able to benefit from Revision School 2016:   Save the dates:  Monday, 27th to Thursday, 30th June....
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Client Testimonials

Oh my gosh an overall B + for Shan! She is loving maths! Thanks to you! We are so proud of her and cannot thank you enough. Please can we continue les...Read more
Shan - Parent of a Grade 9 learner, November 2017
Lebone’s confidence in maths has grown significantly and this has also translated to excellent performance in other subjects. ...Read more
Lebone - Parent of a Grade 11 Learner, November 2017
Matric is a very tough year and extra support is always helpful.  I benefitted greatly from my ASP Tutoring.  On average my marks were in the 60s a...Read more
Sarah - Grade 12, Extra lessons in English, Maths and Business Studies, January 2016
I just wanted to thank you for the extra lessons.  They really helped a lot and I managed to push my mark up from 55% to 62% in the finals.  Thank ...Read more
Ian - Grade 12, Extra English lessons - January 2016
We wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help with our son’s extra maths lessons and to let you know his fantastic news. He got an A for his Mat...Read more
Michele - Mother of a Grade 12 boy, Extra Maths lessons, January 2016
We got some great notes from teachers.  The time was spent well, the teachers were nicely prepared for lessons. ...Read more
Sally - Grade 12
Because the student teacher ratio is obviously smaller, it is easier to concentrate fully and absorb lessons a lot faster. It also helps gain one̵...Read more
Siphesihle - Grade 11
The teachers were engaging and encouraging which was helpful to feel comfortable to learn and understand. ...Read more
Jessica - Grade 11
The teachers were friendly and very helpful. ...Read more
Thabiso - Grade 12
Learned new tricks with new teachers, got individual help and focus from teachers.  A different way of teaching – more clarity. ...Read more
Rebecca - Grade 12, July 2014
I was able to solidify my understandings of Science and English. ...Read more
David - Grade 12, July 2014
Thank you so much for all your help with Gabs’s extra lessons over the past 4 years. It has been such a help to have you on hand, organised and ...Read more
Gabs - Parent of a Grade 12 learner, Nov 2013
Albert enjoys Louises’ lessons very much and I understand they have a good relationship. His Science mark has improved so much that the school o...Read more
Albert - Parent of a Grade 11 learner, Nov 2013
Andre has benefited hugely from the extra lessons last year. His marks have improved significantly and he loved working with Vivienne and Matthew. ...Read more
Andre' - Parent of a Grade 11 learner, Nov 2013
Bianca has written her final science papers and thanks to Louise had far more confidence than ever before. She helped Bianca tremendously and Bianca r...Read more
Bianca - Parent of a Grade 12 learner, Nov 2013